April 30, 2021

Hold my beer and watch this

 Good morning, blog fans. It looks to be a good day, particularly since I have the day off. 

I really don’t want to be “that neighbor “, but if the people in the house next door continue to let their dog run lose to crap in my yard, bark at me in my own driveway, and be a general pain, I’m going to call animal control. 

Enough unpleasantness. How about you guess this week’s musical theme?

Yes, it is Southern  Rock weekend here at the old blog. 

I know. I’m excited about it too.why not give it a two-fear?

Since this is a two-fear on its own, I guess you get a triple play! Yay, you. Yay me.


Anonymous said...

Now there's some good ol' music. Reminds me of way back, freedom. (No fear though. ;) )

Hasn't animal control been canceled, or defunded or somethin?

Maybe invite the dog inside...?

Sorry. All this BS makes me crazy.


Cappy said...


Anonymous said...

I believe Indiana no longer does animal control, weird. Here in my Ohio county a deputy from the Sheriff's office is animal control. A lady in IN was letting pigs roam the neighbor's yard, judged ruled that they would be considered feral (they would bite), and the neighbor could shoot them, don't know if this would apply to the dog. You could check with LE, put a bit of scare into the guy.

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