April 30, 2021

Green Ideas make me want to puke

 Dear Senator Tom Carper,

Read this preposterous position

You douchebag. Do you recognize that some people have a need to drive more than 500 miles at a time? You can put up tens of thousands of charging stations, but who wants to stop for an hour or two to recharge their vehicle just to drive from Indianapolis to Chicago and back? What if a family wants to drive to the beach for vacation? A twelve hour trip becomes a twenty hour trip each way because we would have to stop and charge our fucking car. Not everyone lives on the east coast you simp. Lots of us do not live in cities.

Where are we going to get the electricity to power all of these electric cars? Oh, yeah, from fossil fuels you ignorant leech on taxpayer money. If you ever had a real job, you would understand how things work, instead of living in a rainbow and unicorn world where life is powered by fairy farts and and birthday wishes. There isn't enough solar or windmill power available to power the grid.  And while we are at it, how much infrastructure upgrade and at what cost is it going to take to update the electric grid to power the tens of millions of cars? Maybe you should quit listening to mentally disturbed teenagers for your policy decisions.

Are you aware of the environmental damage done to mine for battery materials? 

I will not even get into the cost of electric vehicles.

Since you also probably believe we should stop eating meat to save the environment, where are we going to plant all of the vegetables needed to feed the country if all of the farm land is converted to wind and solar farms? Oh, and let us pray we don't have several days of cloudy weather in a row (most of winter in the midwest) or too much wind, (again most of the time in the midwest) if we are going to magically wish our way to a green new world. How do we get anywhere if we cannot charge our cars? Oh, I know, on non-existent public transportation. 

A lot of stupid crap is proposed in Washington, but this takes the cake.

I am trying really, really, hard not to swear these days, but stupid mofos like Tom Carper and most of the current Democrat party sure makes it hard not to: here is a hearty ScrewYou on a Friday.

Edited for my conscious 


Anonymous said...

You do realize that gasoline engines have not been around that long? That things evolve? That evolving is a good thing. That change is painful and not always convenient? That everything has a cost and problems to solve. That majority of people will not make changes unless forced too. Why don't you try embracing changes and move into the next century. Stop dragging your knuckles and grunting and try evolving into a modern person, conscious of your impact on now and the future. Do you think the oil supplies will last forever? Make the change for future generations before they are forced to under crisis situations. And no, not every solution is perfect. But at least it is better than doing nothing. Stop thinking of just today and look down the road to your granddaughters children world.
In my opinion that is the majority of the problems with today. Its the instant gratification of new cars, vacations, big homes, disposable items and income, credit cards, credit, credit, credit, new clothes, newest tools and gadgets, no effort to recycle or buy used, and many other consumer consumptions driven behavior. I understand their has to be some but if you drive down the street and all you see are cars parked in driveways because there is so much stuff packed in the garage the cars wont fit. Or when you walk in to the house and their is a tv in every room and not an inch of wall or floor space thats occupied by something.
So if you don't like the purposed changes then instead of bitching find something different. Do something different.
If you always do, what you always have done, you will getm what you always got. (maybe if your lucky and things don't change around you but I would not hold my breath... unless the pollution gets too bad )

Anonymous said...

correction of typo on my comment their should be there is. Didn't catch that and I am sure a few more. But seeing you were not an english major I will not worry. Mouse (if you hadn't guessed)

Joe said...

What makes you think I wasn’t an English major?

I’m a poor typist, that I admit.

Joe said...

I’m all for technology. I am all for change. I had a cellphone in 1993 for instance.

I embrace innovation from the marketplace.

I do not agree with government mandated artificial dates. The government is demanding technology that does not exist. They are forcing consumers and manufacturers to adopt technology they do not want.

That is my problem.

Did the government dictate the invention of the Model T or the iPhone?

Did anyone tell Edison he had ten years to develop the light bulb or Bell the Phone?

This is not the role of government.

Therein lies my problem. Politicians with no expertise dictating outcomes and schedules.

I suppose your dig about you non-English major is a dig at my writing skill? Or are you again making assumptions based on evidence not presented?

Cappy said...

Is there an idiot factory somewhere in Delaware?

My friend Big Mike is damn smart, 40 year career at DuPont in Delaware, several patents. But Ohio born and bread an Indiana/Illinois college.

Anonymous said...

1. memory serves correct you stated your major in comments before
2. it was an apology for my incorrect spelling, grammar etc...
3. i believe many of the progresses of mankind have been pushed by government.... space travel being one
4. history has shown a resistance to change
5. to claim to be a new age man with some of your previous knuckle dragging comments and severe off sexist and sex themed jokes stretches the imagination a bit. Not to mention some of your hard core conservative views. Me thinks not... just in case theater was your minor.

Rita said...

Angry man..chill yourself. In a democracy the government is elected by the majority. Majority gets to pursue their programs for a while. When your party gets back in power they can undo the progressive programs and get back to destroying the country to enrich their cronies; just as they have done in the past. Your tantrums are not becoming for a person your age. Maybe turn off the Fox news and play with the grandkids. Just because you can't conceive a newer, better plan doesn't mean other better minds can't. Close mouth and open mind.

Anonymous said...

Oh and I had a thought. You said to my comments about the rich tend to vote democratic party. Lets give this some mental power thought ... people that are rich because they are smart and savey and work hard or work smart or some combination there in for the most part or a least we can say they figured out how to get the money.... so wouldnt that make sense that you would want to do what they do .... hummmmmmm or do you want to vote with the other guys??? hummm...... In my dealings with people that have true wealth they are thoughtful and education and inspiring... they live by the principle of the win win not the i win you lose.... and they think that a rising tide lifts all boats not the "pissed on trickle down" theory. So maybe emulation is not only flattery but maybe freaking wise.. mouse

Joe said...


You need a lesson in manners.

Anonymous said...

Funny how libs always want to try and show you how superior they are (while remaining anonymous, of course) and tell you how to live and then always seem to have a terrible, sore back/knee/leg! when they need help moving a fridge.

F@ck em.

No more.

Maybe call Joe the boob.


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