May 16, 2021

Spend my dollar

 I worked until midnight last night. I have to be back at ten this morning. Don’t expect my usual witty repartee, my I insightful analysis, my cutting jibes, my usual entertaining entry this morning. *

But I will toss up another selection for semi-oldies country weekend here at the old blog. Enjoy some Alabama:

I have an old blog post somewhere in the seven thousand that discusses the band Alabama, Gatlinburg, and my honeymoon. I’m too lazy to look it up and it really is not worth searching for anyway.** I’m not even sure why I mention it, to be honest. 

Anyway have a great Sunday. 

* true confession time. I wrote this Saturday morning.

** I looked it up anyway. No wonder I can remember the post. I just wrote it in September of last year. But no, it is not worth going back and revisiting if you did not read it at the time.


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