May 10, 2021

The big wrap-up edition

Happy Monday, Blog world. Yesterday was strange weather-wise. We had heavy rain and thunder showers. That in itself is not so weird for mid-May. The notion that the furnace was running simultaneously is a bit out of the ordinary. Temperatures were just a notch above freezing (literally) again this morning. I carried the big planter of flowers I bought my wife for Mother’s Day into the garage to protect it from possible frost last night. Global warming, indeed.

Speaking of Mother’s Day, the wife was invited to a big Mother’s Day buffet with our daughter’s family and the invitation was graciously extended to me too, even though I am not a mother. Just a thought — I guess since my wife is a mom and we have participated in naked wrestling in the past,  you could argue I’m a real motherf... — anyway, the girls were sweet and the food was good and I ate myself silly. 

I spent the remainder of the day napping and watching movies. I suppose you could say I had a good Mother’s Day. 


Jean said...

We had slush falling from the sky! About an inch accumulated before turning to rain most of the rest of the day. Weird weather even for Ohio.

Cappy said...

Hi Jean - ditto up here in Cleveland.

Hoping to move to Indy soon.

Jean said...

Cappy, I'm in Akron. You're welcome to take at least some of the weirdness with you. Plenty to share.

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