May 12, 2021

On you we (that’s French)

So there I was, combing through the archives, looking for none of your business. With each post I read I became increasingly embarrassed. Yes, I really was. 

No, not embarrassed for what I wrote then, rather for the pathetic shell this waste of letters and words has become. I’m sorry, faithful readers. Not to break my arm patting my back, but I once wrote some decent stuff. 

Oh, make no mistake, there was the usual garbage. The weather, the bad jokes, the “filler” posts. I certainly wrote a LOT more about politics in those days. 

I guess, neither I nor you can complain much. After all I charge exactly the same subscription fee to read here, and my salary for writing such drivel remains unchanged. 

I once swore I would never post a YouTube video here because it was lazy blogging. Snort.

I guess we can live with things as they are. As long as I fix the cigarette lighter.


Cappy said...

Mom always advised "don't break your arm patting yourself on the back". But sometimes it's worth at least a sprain.

Greybeard said...

You don't need to self-pleasure.
Several of us saw this coming long ago and tried to warn others.
(Is this me patting BOTH of us on the back?)

Ed Bonderenka said...

Part of the problem is believing you have to blog daily.
You often have great things to say.

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