June 12, 2021

Dance, Clouds, Historical Jabs, Music


There, on the left, some weird and funky sunset clouds snapped from my phone as the wife drove us home. The view is to the northwest of the northeast suburbs. Embiggen if you do desire. Or not. It’s your choice. I run a free will blog.

The shot is ruined by the tension wires. And the need to click before the pickup in the right lane blocked the view. Too bad I didn’t have time to frame what I wanted to save better. So it goes. It is not like I have to pay for film or development or anything. Just truly point and shoot. It erases just as easily and will be sent to the electric landfill shortly, no doubt. 

I can do goofy stuff like take cellphone pictures from the passenger window since the wife has to drive me around. I might not have mentioned my broken hoof is the right one. The air cast makes it difficult impossible to drive unless I remove the boot, put on a shoe and replace the boot when I get where I’m going. 

The oldest granddaughter had a dance recital Thursday night. Of course she was beautiful and cute and perfect. It was the other six year-olds out of step! At times they all were. That’s what made it fun. The event brought back memories. My daughter danced for more than a decade; everything but ballet. I have been to more dance recitals than I care to remember. 

I saw a picture posted from the White House showing Edith Wilson Jill Biden claiming she was preparing for the coming G7 economic summit. I guess I missed the part where she was elected President. 

But you didn’t come here for the mundane scenery nor not-so-subtle digs at Sleepy Joe. You stopped by for the music.

Have a great Saturday.


Anonymous said...

First ladies still have a job to do even if not elected. everyone looks to them the same way they do the president. Thought you would have caught on to that by now. But maybe you think they should just bounce around and look pretty since they are women. Heaven help us if they have a brain and help their husband in their job. Or have an opinion. i am sure you loved the last one then. The law looks at married couples as one for the most part so if you look to legal opinions it would seem that you did elect her. My opinion is thank god we got a first lady that is caring, loving, intelligent, educated, works, cares for military families, showed how blended families can work, and works to help her husband. She is bright, cheerful, and a ray of sunshine.
She does a job and her first lady duties. Breath of fresh air.
And as far as calling our president sleepy joe. Your perogative.
But for me after the caustic balistic previous administration Im happy someone stepped up to provide some civility.
There will be missteps and difference of opinion and unfavorable policies but at least the caustic environment can be somewhat tamped down.
I am ready for a calmer stable environment.
If you want drama do it in your own life. I don't want it in the level of people that are making decisions that impact us all.
No more mockery, name calling, flip decisions, hate mongering, hate rallies, and villian naming.
We are all on the same team. Lets grow up and act like it.

James Old Guy said...


James Old Guy said...


Joe said...

Anonymous, do you even read what you write or do you just throw out stuff looking to be provocative?

You really, really cannot be that ignorant.

Joe said...

Oh, and just which summit meeting was Mrs. Wilson, er, Biden an activ3 participant?

That’s 2hat I thought.

Cappy said...

How in the name of Mudcat Grant did a country with a literacy rate above 5% end up with Biden?

Anonymous said...

I would rebuttal your comments but seeing the basis to your perceptions and bias on people and especially women it would be a huge waste. I keep trying to comment and hope to see change but it seems set in stone. Your bias toward "sleepy" joe seems hilarious because what you imply is age discrimination in the work place, something that seems to be occuring to you in your own job search. I would suggest self examination of your perceptions and bias, but that would be a waste of time, as is my comments on this blog.

Joe said...


I would rebuttal your comments but seeing the basis to your perceptions and bias on people and especially conservatives it would be a huge waste. I keep trying to post and comment and hope to see change but it seems set in stone.

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