June 13, 2021

Outside, looking in

True confession, I chose The Moody Blues as this weeks artist solely so I could play this song:

I’ve posted it before. That’s because I like it, duh. What a fun musical tribute to psychedelia and LSD. 

Did I ever tell you the story of the one and only time I dropped acid? Note to the authorities, future employers, family members, and impressionable youth —  that story may or may not be true, it could all just be made up fiction like most stuff I post here. Anyway, if I did write the tale, maybe o not a true story, it is somewhere on the sixteen years (!) of archives. If I haven’t related the tale, I guess I have some future blog fodder. We all win.

This is a true story related to this song, though. Back in the early eighties The Moody Blues were scheduled to play over in Champaign, IL. My college roommate and I bought tickets. As was the way of things in those halcyon days, we started “prepping” early. Maybe even the night day before the concert. We certainly were cracking beers and smoking perfectly legal in every way substances by noon of the big day. Apparently, we prepared just a little too much. When it was time to leave, some concerned fraternity brothers took our keys. We missed the show. 

Ah youth. 

Enjoy the music and reflect upon the wages of misspent days. I will be a smiling helpful big box drone ready to enhance your shopping experience on this hot and sunny Sunday. 

Waddaya want to hear next week?


Cappy said...

Far out!

hey teacher... said...

Gimme some Talking Heads or INXS. Please and thank you. Speaking of Please and Thank You, if you find yourself in Louisville go here https://pleaseandthankyoulouisville.com/ for the best chocolate chip you will ever have. You’re welcome.

hey teacher... said...

On 2nd thought how about Forever Autumn by Justin Hayward.

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