June 18, 2021

Keep your left arm straight

Let me see if I have this correct. 

George Washington, the Father of our Country, doesn’t get a Federal Holiday.

Abraham Lincoln, who freed the slaves and guided the country through the Civil War, doesn’t get a Federal Holiday.

Heck, FDR, who brought us through the Great Depression and WWII, doesn’t get a Federal Holiday.

But Juneteenth, a made up day no one outside of Texas ever heard of until a couple of years ago, gets made into a Federal Holiday? 

Memorial Day is just a “Long Weekend” but now we have  Juneteenth National Independence Day as opposed to the REAL Independence Day of July 4th (which is Independence Day for all Americans). 


Pander Much, President *?


Cappy said...

Cut and paste this to FarceBook for a free 90 day jail term and federal investigation.

Ed Bonderenka said...

This will be the REAL Independence Day for the People's Republic of the Blue States of Amerika (but I doubt they will keep "America" in the name).
This is how you split a country wide open.

Cheryl said...

Ed, this is what my husband fears, a civil war.

Ed Bonderenka said...

Cheryl, I sincerely believe somethings gonna give.
Unless Americans retake the government from the pretender-in-chief.

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Ed is 100% correct.

And presidents making idiotic statements like, "we get our rights when we're born, and we yield them to a government" is another way to start a civil war.

First of all, we get our rights at conception, not when we're born (though I'm sure Democrats would prefer to believe the latter, since it advances their abortion agenda), and second of all, rights are not transferable or something that can be yielded to a government. Our rights can be infringed upon, or denied, but they are never, ever yielded.

Roberta X said...

George Washington most certainly does have a Federal holiday -- who is claiming he doesn't? The third Monday in February is often called "Presidents Day," but the Federal holiday has been and remains "Washington's Birthday."

Celebrate the end of slavery or not, however you wish -- a lot of Americans died deciding the issue and I think it's noteworthy. Some Republican Congresspeople and pundits were pushing for it as recently as last year, then dropped it when the Dems picked it up. That doesn't reflect much glory on either party, but it doesn't change the fact that we did end slavery, after a terrible war over it.

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