October 17, 2021

Like a river flows

 I’ve been occasionally featuring tunes from 1971. How about we go back sixty years to ‘61 and listen to one of the King’s best:

Blue Hawaii, Clambake, and Fun in Acapulco remain among my favorite Elvis movies. While widely panned these days, Elvis wasn’t a bad actor. He did have some bad scripts to work with. In fact, he was a top box office draw in the sixties. Now am I claiming he was screwed out of the Oscars? Nope. But he was better than he is often given credit. On the other hand, for the most part he was expected to be pretty much Elvis in his movies, so he should have been better than average at it. 

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Greybeard said...

We watch a LOT of TCM, and it IS funny how many really good actors end up looking stupid because of ugly lines they must speak. Watched William Holden's first movie today and some of his lines were cringeworthy.
Elvis did fine. And the "scenery" around him was frequently beautiful.

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