November 13, 2021

It is coming

I had a customer visit yesterday afternoon. I know, a Friday afternoon. I got home late, traffic was awful. The wife had something to return to the mall. An hour later we sat down to a quick burger. 

After we came home, I finally plopped on the couch. I flipped through the channels and found a movie. I’d seen it before, but so what? I dozed off with ten minutes to go. The wife woke me and I ambled out to the kitchen to swallow a handful of prescribed meds. 

As I paused to look outside at the foot of the stairs I noticed it was snowing. Hard. I knew it wouldn’t stick, but it brought joy to my face. Somehow the first snow always evokes memories of my youth. 

More importantly, that snow pushed me into the Christmas spirit. I will likely drag out the decorations next weekend. Lights on the house, trees in the corners, snowmen throughout the home, and the place will be festive and bright. I won’t turn the lights on until Thanksgiving. I have standards. 

That also means I’m going to start dropping Christmas music. I just know you cannot wait. 

Have a great Saturday, blogging buddies.


Cheryl said...

My husband out up our outside lights when it was 65 the other day in PA. He wouldn't connect them till later but thought we could make the neighbors crazy by lighting them.

Practical Parsimony said...

I am glad you have standards!

Cappy said...

All those towns along US40 are great this time of year. Drive through with an out of state license plate and they'll think it's a HaulMarx Special!

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