November 14, 2021

LA Woman Sunday Afternoon

There is a thin dusting of snow across the patio furniture, like a bit of powdered sugar sifted on a scone. The ground and sidewalks are just wet. It’s cold. I can feel the cold air seeping in through the windows as I sit here on the wife’s end of the couch. New windows at sorely needed but not in the cards any time in the near future. But the coffee is hot and the conversation satisfactory. I like the answers I get when I talk to myself. 

I’m not sure what is on tap today. Ok, that is not true. I am going to watch some football. Before and after? Perhaps I will help do a little cleaning. The place could always use a little Lemon Pledge and a thorough vacuuming. I am more than capable of slinging a dust rag and wrangling a sweeper. 

LA Woman was the last album released by The Doors collectively. Singer Jim Morrison died just after its release in April of 1971. Contrary to the Oliver Stone movie, bandmates and engineers on the album say Morrison was mostly sober and hard working on this, the band’s sixth studio album. Along with Love Her Madly, Riders on the Storm hit chart success. Based on the old country hit Ghost Riders in the Sky, the tune evokes disturbing imagery  of a mass-murdering hitchhiker.

While I have always dug that tune, I think it is the title track and longest song on the album that deserves more attention. A love song to Los Angeles, the song has a solid blues beat and according to guitarist Robby Kreiger, is the quintessential Doors song. Have a listen:

The Doors are one of those bands people either love or hate. My wife cannot stand their music. Me, I really enjoy it. I don’t know where you stand. 

Have a great Sunday.

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Ed Bonderenka said...

Eh. but an ode to an LA of a different time.
Not the fascist hellhole it has become.

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