November 20, 2021

Spare me the Strike

Here we are on a chilly Saturday morning.  I am coming to you live from the desktop in the old blog room. I will confess there is Christmas music playing softly in the background. 

My employer held the annual holiday party last night. We went Duck Pin Bowling. We had a ball. I sucked at it. The wife tied for first place in the wife's group, but lost out in a one ball roll-off. I was kept from last place only by a late-comer who wasn't able to bowl the full ten frames.  I only just barely beat him anyway!. How bad was I? lets just say the wife doubled up my score. Yes, that pathetic. I will take guesses in the comments for how low my score was for the full ten frames. There just might be a prize for the winner. Keep in mind you get three rolls per frame in duck pin bowling. 

I am shocked and amazed at the sheer volume of inaccurate, misleading, and outright lies in the coverage of the Rittenhouse trial. Is there no shame? Cannot anyone at CNNMSNBCNBC keep their political bias out of a report? This is exactly why I keep my news consumption to a minimum these days. Further, I am so disgusted by the liberal bias that I rarely post political stuff anymore. Maybe that is good. Maybe not.  It isn't good for comment volume nor for post views. That I know.  It is good for my blood pressure. 

On to the reason you are reading here today. The naked pictures!


How about a little Saturday music? Since we will go full-bore Christmas music starting next weekend, this could be one of the last posts highlighting the music of 1971, arguably one of the best years in Rock and Roll. 

Aside: You see, AnyMouse, after the end of December, we will be into 2022 and the music of 50 years ago will be 1972, also a good year for music. I know you are slow, so I want to 'splain it to you. 

It is no secret that my favorite band is Yes. Sure, the progressive kings are not everyone's cup of tea, but the complexity and powerful bass make them unique musically. Three of my favorite songs from the band come from The Yes Album released in February 1971. This is the first album to feature Steve Howe and his guitar pyrotechnics completely changed the sound of the band. This is also the first Yes album to lack covers of other artists.  

I am tempted to put up videos of all three of my favorites: Starship Trooper, Yours is No Disgrace, Perpetual Change. Instead I will let you listen to one of the more commercial songs from the album:

Have a great Saturday.

OK, I lied. here is Yes in their 1971 glory playing Yours is No Disgrace:


Cappy said...

Is there no shame? No. There is not.

Wait - your blogfollowers are headed over to the house with a case of beer to enjoy the game and deliver a truckload of shame, in person, for losing to the wife.

You're welcome.

Joe said...

All well deserved, I readily admit.

She usually beats me in most games, except naked wrestling. I always am the big winner in that sport.

Scott said...

If you always win at naked wrestling, she may not want to play anymore. Proceed with caution.

Joe said...

I like to think it is a win-win…

Practical Parsimony said...


Joe said...

Good guess,PP. sadly, you overestimate my abilities.

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