May 27, 2022

Cross-dressing cartoon characters

Yesterday afternoon the littlest granddaughter, who just turned three, was watching the cartoon Muppet Babies.  She snuggled next to me on the couch. Piggy was reading a book about Cinderella and looking at the pictures in the book. The muppets decided they would have a costume ball like in the story. The girls would be princesses, the boys knights. Gonzo said he wanted a beautiful dress like in the book. Oh oh. 

Piggy told him he had to be a prince.

Gonzo is bummed until the fairy godfather appeared and zapped him into a dress, complete with a mask. He was the star of the ball in his dress, etc. etc. Later Gonzo revealed that he was wearing the beautiful dress. Everyone said they loved him and that it was OK he wanted to wear dresses, that being himself was most important. You get the idea.

The wife was sorting toys. She just stared at the screen. “Can you believe this?” She asked.

On the surface I guess the message is good. Deeper, this show is targeted at pre-K kids. We are talking toddlers. Do they really need an inclusiveness message? Do they need to be lectured that sex is a social construct? Does anyone think this is not grooming by the very definition? Is anyone shocked this trash is on the Disney Channel, where executives have vowed to place LGBQ+ issues into every show and movie? 

Mission accomplished.



Ralphd00d said...

SMH. I have no words ....

Anonymous said...

And there’s a talking, reading pig, no less. What are we teaching our children?

Joe said...

Yup all fantasy— talking pigs, singing frogs, boys that can be girls...

Cappy said...

Not good for little kids.

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