May 26, 2022

Taking a side alley off memory lane

I was working in manufacturing back in the early 1990s. I was part of a team leading the transition to a new way of managing production. The big boss called team meetings with production line teams to describe the changes. I was standing in the back next to some of the assemblers. 

As the big boss explained the move from batch production he held up a book that he bought for everyone to read. Mumbling started. One assembler in particular seemed perturbed. I guessed Connie wasn’t too keen on the idea of “homework”. 

The copies of “The Just in Time Breakthrough” were passed around. As Connie got her copy she started laughing. I asked her what was wrong. 

“Ah shit”, she laughed, “I thought when he was holding up that book the title was ‘Lust in the break room’. I guess I need glasses”. 

From then on everyone in the factory referred to the book as “Lust in the break room”. A book about sex among the vending machines would have been far more interesting than the book we received. Plus some of the employees might have actually read the Lust book. I’m sure no one but me read the other one. I only read it to use it against my manager when he proposed something stupid. “But that isn’t what it says to do in Lust...”. 

Yes, I was an ass thirty years ago too. 

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Cappy said...

Follow Joe for more career destroying moves...

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