March 23, 2023

A popular unpopular position

 At the risk of inviting trolls of every stripe, my position is clear. If you cannot legally change your name until you are 18, then your name is your name. You will have to use whatever name your mom gave you while you are in school, even if you feel like a Betty now instead of a Barney. If your parents are cool with you being Betty, I am fine, but no secret names while you are at school. You are the name you were registered under. 

Ditto your bathroom. Use the “family” facilities, I don’t care, otherwise, your junk specifies which restroom you use. 


Anonymous said...

True- JOG

glasslass said...

Couldn't agree more.

Lori said...


Midwest Chick said...

With you 110%.

Cappy said...


Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

I will guarantee you 90% of the people in this country agree with everything you've said.

The problem is the remaining 10%, consisting of commie yammerers who won't shut up, go home, and leave the rest of us alone.

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