September 21, 2023

If you try sometimes, you get what you need

I could bore you with a weather report that has no bearing unless you reside in central Hoosierdom. I could copy and paste a joke. I might offer select bon mots and pearls of wisdom. I am prepared to launch into a political diatribe filled with invective and reasoned punditry. I should fire up the old laptop and get to work. 

Paycheck wins, your daily entertainment loses.

So it goes here at the old blog. 

Okay, okay, I had spaghetti for dinner, then we went to Target...zzzzzzzzz

Yes, my life is that boring.

My wife tells me this frequently.


Thinking said...

Listening to Merrick Garland speak he made it obvious that he knows nothing, understands nothing, questions nothing, recalls nothing, has learned nothing and is capable of doing nothing.And according to him Hunter and Joe didn't commit any crimes, it was all in the Big Bad Orange Man’s imagination.

He is the perfect Biden Attorney General
So, exactly what did we learn today?
I learned that Merrick Garland is a Dishonest Lying piece of Crap who didn't actually answer any questions because he was hiding And that he was hiding what he knows. Anybody with a half of a brain could see that.

Joe said...


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