May 22, 2024

Hiding behind the shrubs

Can someone, anyone, tell me where I can find all of the White Supremacists the president and his cronies keep telling me are everywhere? Where are the losers in their pee-stained bedsheets marching around and burning crosses? Are there secret Nazis in great numbers planning to resurrect Krystalnacht? I want to know, because I too hate Illinois Naxis.. 

I live in the whitest of white suburbs and I cannot find any separate but equal bathrooms. The schools are not segregated. People of color are in pretty much every store and restaurant I visit— shopping and eating, not working. 

I don’t understand how a country as racist as the democrats believe and claim is true about the US allows scholarships exclusively for black people. How did we allow a museum of African American history as part of the Smithsonian if the President is telling the truth?

I am unaware of any place where only white people can vote. Any citizen, regardless of melanin levels can run for office, providing they meet residence and age requirements. 

Given the attention from the a president in his recent speeches, I was sure I would see rallies, meetings, protests, and recruitment from these huge white supremacy groups reported on the local news. 

I guess these low lifes are in your neighborhood, city, town, and state, because they aren’t in mine. 

Look, I know there are racists out there. There is no shortage of bigots. But I do not believe there is cabal of white supremacy fighting to hold down people of color. It is a bogeyman to buy votes and it helps no one.


Cappy said...

Did you look behind the sofa?

slugmama said...

"Hey, Buddy....check my record!" That's about the only coherent thing he can say now.

Anonymous said...

Downtown Charleston, WV back in April. #Fact. Look it up.

Anonymous said...

Yup, there you go.

I also don’t think any of those loser a-holes are making policy anywhere. I believe Biden’s fear mongering is just that.

I could be wrong.


Linda said...

White supremacists can use microaggressions until they can get away with more.

B said...

If you are black, you don't even have to be a citizen to be president....That's how racist we are her in racist 'Murica

Anonymous said...

That's BS. Obama was an American citizen. Some people believe any conspiracy theory they hear. Ridiculous.

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