April 8, 2005

America vs. Canada

Over a recent business luncheon the discussions turned to America and the current worldview. My boss is from Italy and he, like many Italians, firmly believes in the war on terror despite what the media would lead you to believe.

The conversation turned interesting when he asked what we thought the major differences between Canada and the USA. One of the Canadians immediately answered "Nothing, except the gun thing." I will address this in another post. One of the other Canadians offered an anecdote about how in the 1970's there was a rumor in Canada that the country was going to be purchased by the US and every Canadian was to get a large sum of money. She laughed how she would take that settlement now in a heartbeat.

There lies one major difference. I would not change my country for ANY amount of money. I would not even consider it. Even though on the surface there are few differences between Canada or Australia and the US, none compare in my mind. We live in the greatest country on Earth, and we are Blessed by God. I can think of few Americans that would agree, but there seemed no issue with the Canadians to switch their country for Money.

I responded that it is clear that Canada is far more socialistic. One of the Canucks said that that is a function of the population being so much smaller, that it is possible for the Government to take care of the citizens, where it would be nearly impossible fro the same level of Government involvement in the US.

I think it is much deeper than that. Both the US and Canada were once colonized by the English and French. We clearly share a common settlement history and background. Yet Canada has evolved into a nanny state while most Americans remain rugged individualists, regardless of the MSM and College professors influence. I believe that is because the US gained its independence more than 200 years ago in a fierce war of independence. Our freedoms were forged in fire and blood. We fought a great Civil war to determine the makeup of our country. Until recent decades there was in the American outlook a marked distrust of a strong central government. 100, 50 and even 30 years ago an individual would see little or no evidence of the government in their daily lives.

Canada was a part of the United Kingdom until the early 1980's. They always had someone else too look after them. They fought in the World wars (bravely and well too) but they did not have to protect themselves. Pearl Harbor did not happen to Canada. The whole history of Canada is one where they have had little on the line nationally. There has always been a protector whether that be the Queen or NORAD. Little wonder the national outlook is one that the Government will take care of your problems.

Yes I think there is a great deal of difference.


Alli said...

I agree. (I came over here from Acidman. You left a comment I thought was funny)

I couldn't imagine changing the way our country works or selling it to anyone. My best friend's family is Canadian, they all work in the US and live there. They can't find jobs that pay enough to be worth all the taxes and crap.

Well, i just wanted to say hi to a fellow Hoosier. :) Keep on blogging, I'll keep coming back.

Anonymous said...

It's funny that lots of Americans complain about health care and end up going to either Canada or Mexico to buy drugs, (which the US government seems to try to restict)instead of buying in the good ol' US of A. It's also funny that American's pay a crap load of money for their higher education. And it's even funnier that America although great in diversity,in seems to share a bit of arrogance. Times have changed, and when someone from a country to have things settled pretty well, with about the same rights, and freedoms from the US is asked if they want more money for something they already have and does not to change much except maybe a name change is a no-brainer. Pride has no effect on Canada, and shouldn't really. What's a couple of more US dollars, (higher in exchange rate) to the Canadians pocket?

Joe said...

Thanks Ali, What is really beyond my imagination is that they did not see any thing wrong with selling their country.


Joe said...

Anonymous if you do your research, drugs are higher in the US because the Government does not underwrite the cost of the drugs and in some cases does not allow the drug manufacturer to pass on the cost of research and dvelopment.

I feel sorry for you that you have no more pride in your country than to just think of it as a "name".. In this case a rose by another name would smell like shit.

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