April 9, 2005

Standing up for your beliefs.


Most of you have probably never heard of General George Thomas. You might be surprised that both Grant and Sherman said he was the best general on either side during the Civil War. Yes, that includes Bobby Lee.

George Thomas received his appointment to West Point for helping suppress Nat Turner's rebellion. Thomas was a good Southern boy from Virginia.

He reached his greatest fame for saving the Union army at Chicamauga, where he earned the sobriquet "The Rock of Chicamauga. He destroyed the Western Army of the Confederacy at Nashville, where Hood's suicide charge made Pickett look like a pussy.

He was reviled and disowned by his family for not serving Virginia (thus the South) in the war. He was not allowed to be buried in his family plot. He is buried at West Point. Whether you like his stand in the Civil War or not, you have to admire a man who gave up all for his country.

That is why General Thomas is one of my heroes and why my oldest son is named after him.

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