August 11, 2005

I not the one to do it.

Would someone please tell my wife she is substandard, below average, dragging down the numbers?

I would like to live, else I would do it myself.


Alli said...

Ick. Did you see the chick on the sidebar of that link? *blech* I'm not surprised shes not getting any, she looks like a hobgoblin.

Anonymous said...

Uh, I hope your wife didnt read that. Im sure she wouldnt like to be called "substandard". ;)

GUYK said...

lol I linked that tonight also. damn shame that I am an ole coot! I would have liked to have got in on some of that action.

Anonymous said...

I fall into the 27% range as well. But then, I am 40. Its a hormonal thing, kinda like guys when they are 18. Its just not fair that when a woman finaly gets sexcrazed in middle age, that her partner needs to take the little blue pills. Just saying.

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