December 6, 2005

Die, you traitor bastard

Am I the only one who thinks we should immediately bring home Ramsey Clark and put his sorry ass on trial for treason? The guy is the poster child for scum lawyers.

From the time he left service as Attorney General, he has done his best to discredit the United States. His traitorous activities began when he flew to Hanoi during the Vietnam War and have continued through the decades. He defended the Islamofascist who tried to blow up the World Trade Center the first time. I have no doubt he would have been first in line to defend Mohammed Abbas and his ilk if they had not the misfortune of blowing their sorry asses to hell first.

He has represented Nazis and war criminals all over the world. Now he is protesting that Saddam is the legitimate ruler of Iraq, and the courts there have no jurisdiction. What a rat bastard, slut, whore , motherfucking dickwad asshole. Slow torture is too good for him. I hope on a very small level, Saddam wins. Then he can take Ramsey Clark and feed him through a log shredder feet first, after gassing him with mustard gas.

When are we going to step up and start treating the people who actively try to destroy our country like the traitors they are?

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