April 13, 2006

Reagan and history's verdict

As you know if you have visited this site for very long, I consider myself a student of history. I consider Ronald Reagan one of our greatest Presidents.

I was listening to discussions this morning on local talk radio about the immigration problem in our country. There was a lot of talk about incrementalism. Namely, when we ignore that Mexicans are crossing the border illegally, then ignore that employers are hiring these illegals in violation of Federal law, then we allow them to drive uninsured and unlicensed. The next thing we know the Mexican military is providing covering fire for drug runners and we have 11 million "guest workers" demanding rights and trying to dictate American law and policy.

When the history of our country is written and the future Gibbons chronicles the Rise and Fall of the American Empire, will Reagan's mass amnesty of 3,000,000 law breakers be identified as the beginning of the end? I am given to hyperbole, but will our continued failure to close our borders will have the same effect as Rome's disregard for the Germanic tribe's conquest of Northern Italy?

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