October 7, 2006

Groggy mornings

I woke Thursday morning tired and groggy. I would like to blame the hotel, but I only sleep an hour or two at a time at home. I expected more since I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express.

I shaved, showered and dressed. I had on my sharp blue shirt, tan slacks and a tie. I read a few emails, grabbed the complimentary USA Today and headed to the lobby for a free continental breakfast. I enkoyed coffee, and cinnamon rolls while I read the paper. Several people, including an attractive Asian lady kept staring at me. It must be the tie, or the fact I have dropped about ten pounds, I thought.

I got back to the room and went in to brush my teeth and finish packing to head for my 10 am business meeting with big client number two. I glanced at the mirror and realized I had dried my hair with a towel -- like always. I neglected to comb my hair after the shower. I looked like some punk asshole with hair pointing in all directions. Man, sometimes I am a real putz. At least no one knew me and I caught it before my meetings! So much for the Holiday Inn Express advantage.

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