January 2, 2007

Target Responds!

Here is the response from Target:

Dear ***,

I'm sorry for any disappointment you may have experience at the Southport Target
store, but you need to have a receipt to receive a store credit for the items
received as gift.

No, if I had a receipt I would have asked for my money back. I expect a store credit when I do not have my receipt.

Target return and exchange policy has been established by our executive
officers. That's why we're unable to make exceptions to the established
guidelines. Our return guidelines require a receipt for any return, but we also
want you to have the chance to find another item that you're sure to love.
That's why our store team member offered you an exchange for a similar item of
equal or greater value from the same product category. We also need your photo
ID to do any exchange because we track and limit these exceptions.

I had no problem with asking for a photo ID, but that is nonsense as well, except you checking to see if I am a serial returner (shoplifter), which I am not. Why it has to come from the same "product catagory" still makes no sense. I could have found several items "I was sure to love"(or needed) but they did not happen to come from the Electronics department.

Of course, your feedback about our policies and your experience is always
important to us, so I'll be sure to make your comments available to our

I will be waiting on their response. I hope you let them know they are dickwads, and they will not be getting business from me in the future. I have also told about 200 people about my unpleasant experience at your store, and I am not alone.

Thanks for shopping with us. We'll see you again soon at Target.

No, you will not be seeing me at your crummy stores.


Target Guest Relations

Here is my email response:

Dear Kevin,

Thanks for taking time to answer me. You provided me with no imformation other than "That is our policy". I get it, you do not value my business. That is why we did the dishonest thing and took the exchange to Wal-Mart where they gladly exchanged the James Bond videos for the video game my son wanted. They gave him a gift card for the balance, which he will gladly use at a future time. I can see why Wal-Mart is kicking your company's ass in the marketplace. Of course, you got a sale, that is your only concern. I hope the $50, was worth it because you missed out on almost $100 we spent at Wal-Mart instead of Target just this evening.

Get out while you can, your company is biting the hand that feeds it -- the consumer.

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