March 4, 2008


Last Thursday I was preparing some thin sliced ribeyes to cook on the grill for steak sandwiches. I smothered them in Dale's Sauce. I cleaned out my fryer to make some french fries. I scrubbed it out and added new oil. When I turned it on the lights all worked but the oil did not get hot. The 'ready' light was on but when I dropped the basket there was no pop and whoosh you get when you put frozen french fries into hot oil. I waited a while still nothing. I dropped in a drip of water -- nada. The sides of the fryer were cold. I dipped a handle of a wooden spoon and touched it. The oil was room temperature. I guess the shock of cleaning the little bastard was too much. I baked the fries.

My deep fryer is dead and I have a jones for some french fries and a burger for lunch. Persnickety fate, why do you frown upon me?

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