March 17, 2008

What I saw on Mulberry Street

As I stand on this big blue ball we call home, I remain in place because of a mysterious force we call gravity. I am glad because I get to see some of the strangest things. On Friday I bopped to the local, non-chain grocery to pick up some Rice Krispies and marshmallows for the wife. ( Put on your chef's hat and guess why she wanted those ingredients).

There was a hand lettered sign on the magazine rack beside the register:

The Sports Illistrated Swimsuit Addition is at the front office [sic]

I tried to take a covert picture, but the line was short and the clerk was giving the eye. I guess laughing to yourself in the checkout line makes you look suspicious. I may go back today for another attempt.

Then last night I pulled behind a car. In huge letters that covered the back window was a message written in that window chalk/paint. It was decorated with little hearts. Here is the message:

I (drawing of a heart) titties.

Me too. But I do not paint it in foot high letters on my rear window.

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