June 9, 2008

Monday Morning Blues

I had a productive Sunday. Let me rephrase that, I had a productive Sunday Afternoon. The wife and daughter escaped to a wedding shower, and yes, I did ask them if they got clean upon their return. I will not be the one that lets the classic jokes die. While they were gone, I baked the wife a birthday cake. I got the flooded Escort running and brought it home. I walked back to get my car and drove it home. I did some basic troubleshooting on the non-working hot tub (oh shit, I have a cake in the oven!). One motor/pump working, one not. I threw a load of towels in the washer. I took a shower. I threw same load of now clean towels into the dryer. I dozed while watching the end of Ivanhoe. I iced the cake. Took the wife and kids to a steak dinner. Came home folded towels and ate a piece of cake. I watched a combination of the Cubs game/some design show the wife likes/Vision Quest. Returned videos to the rental place with a scant three minutes to spare before closing time. I scratched the giant 'S' on my chest and hit the sheets.

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