June 11, 2008

Dear Democratic Party

Government does not create wealth. It does not create jobs. It does not produce any goods that can be exchanged for wealth. Maybe I should make this simpler. The government can print and coin money, but it can only get money from you and I. It can only get it from us by taking it. The Government (Federal, State and Local) gets our money through fees and taxes. Businesses may pay taxes, but they pass that cost on to the consumers who purchase their goods and services. We, as individual pay those taxes too, indirectly. These are basic facts. If you cannot, or will not, grasp the truth of this matter you are an idiot and you should have your reproductive organs removed so that you can stop diluting our species. Lets put your buddy Darwin and his theories to the test, OK?

Mr. Democrat, if you raise taxes on a particular business that business will pass that tax burden on to his customers to maintain a certain level of acceptable profit. Business do not exist to lose money. If they do lose money they cease to exist. If you increase taxes on, oh let us say the oil companies, then the price of the goods and services produced by the oil companies goes up. Let me make it even simpler -- if you raise taxes on the oil companies the price of gas will go up.

Mr. Democrat, if you continue to expand the role of Government you will need more taxes to pay for these services. Expanding give aways costs the taxpayers more money. If I have to pay for universal health care, my costs will increase. If you want more of something -- give it away, people will take advantage of it. If you have to fork over 15 or 20 bucks to see a doctor, you might suffer through the symptoms of a minor cold. If you could go see your physician for free you will take advantage and go.

Mr. Democrat, only about 1/3 of us are paying taxes. If you increase those taxes the same 2/3 are going to have to pay more. I cannot afford to pay for more government. I want you to provide for my safety (military/police/fire). Provide for infrastructure (roads etc.) and help out (on a temporary basis)those who need a helping hand. Unemployment , welfare, disaster relief are all OK, in limited doses. Why are we still pumping money into New Orleans after all these years? Enough already.

Mr. Democrat, quit promising to give me stuff others have paid for. Promise you will give less. Promise to fix the Social Security nightmare that is looming. Protect us from terrorism. Let the businesses drill for own oil, build Nuke plants for energy and construct refineries. Get rid of the two dozen different gas formulas. No more subsidies for corn, or sugar or any other industry. Businesses and farms should make it on their own. We will all prosper.

The President cannot make the simplest of laws. He cannot creat a single job. He does not have the power to stop climate change (real or imaginary). So, if you are voting for a candidate based on his promise to give you a high paying job, or that he will cool the sun, you should see the first paragraph. No, you should just kill yourself, you are a waste of good oxygen.

This stuff is not so hard to understand. Hell I got a 'D' in college Econ.

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