July 14, 2008


With few exception I have never been a brand loyal person. The brands that I will buy every time are limited. I always get Wonder Bread. I like Minute Maid OJ. Some condiments are staples -- Lea & Perrins, A-1 and Heinz Ketchup. Beyond those things listed, I will buy whatever is on sale or suits my fancy. I may usually buy a certain brand, but it is not certain.

For years I drank Strohs beer. I spent some time on the Old Style bandwagon, but switched back to Strohs. I followed them from the brown/gold to the white to the blue cans. Somewhere along the line it changed its taste. I spent a decade or so drinking Miller High Life. The past 4-5 years I have consumed Bud or Bud Light. I do not drink like I used to, so I guess I have consumed far more Strohs (and suffered the subsequent green shits) than any other beer. If I could choose I really prefer a good Bavarian brewed hefeweizen ( and no fruit -- a pure American invention).

Now I see that Bud is being bought by a big international consortium. Will they change the formula? Will Bud taste more like the horrible Stella or the equally lousy Beck's? Only time will tell. It really doesn't matter. I can easily order a Miller Light or High Life or another plain, tasteless American brew at any of the places I go.

Heck, I see Strohs is on sale...

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