July 14, 2008

Wrong, Wrong, Wrong

Well, I was wrong in my previous post. My pessimistic attitude was off the mark. I actually had a good time. In fact, I was the one ready to leave. Of course the kids stayed late, my daughter said the reception finally ended at 11:00 (we left around 8:00). Considering the wedding was at 2:30 and we got to the reception place around 4:00, that is a good party by any standards.

When it came time to throw the bouquet, all the girls lined up as usual. The bride noticed my daughter was not out there, so she was called to the dance floor by the DJ. The bride took careful aim and tossed the flowers over her shoulder to my daughter (the maid of honor and best friend). At that point, the groom's sister shot across the crowd of girls, tackled my daughter and ripped the bouquet from her hands. My daughter just gave them up. Yes, I believe alcohol was involved. Later, this same groom's sister dropped and broke not one, or even two, but three glasses on the dance floor. This forced the bar to switch to plastic cups.

A tear welled in my eye as they introduced the wedding party. My daughter came in with a bottle of wine in her hand. A chip off the old block is she. The biggest difference is she is a senior in college with a 3.8 GPA. She is pretty, too. I made it possible for at least one person to claim he graduated in the top 50% of the class, and have this big old Frankenstein head.

We actually danced a couple of times, and I did not embarrass anyone, to the best of my knowledge. Put me in a tie and I can behave. I now need to brush my teeth and wash out my mouth. I will also bleach my typing finger. Saying that awful word in the title, or even typing it, makes me ill. I am not used to being wrong not right.

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