November 4, 2008

Oh yeah, Baby, I like that...

Supergurl gave me a massive dose of Internet VD yesterday. A most virulent strain of virus mutated through my system. This was no ordinary disease. After more than 13 hours of scanners and other virtual forms of penicillin I walked away a cured patient. For a while I thought my trusty HP was going to end its days lounging by the pool, drooling, like Capone. I love you, Supergurl, but next time at least let me get my happy ending and post-coital smoke.

In other news, there is an election today. Go vote.

Massive layoffs and workforce reductions at work last week. I survived. There is a little more travel in the works, but that is OK, I like the Southeast. I feel badly for those who lost their jobs, it really sucks. I know, as I have been there myself. But in the cold-hearted light of day -- better them than me. Yes, I am selfish when it comes to my money and getting as much of it as possible.

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