November 3, 2008

Things that make you go WTF?

Well Sammy, here is a piece of news that should get you a little relief from your severe case of BDS: read this. I guess Bush (and Albright, and Clinton, and Kerry, and hundreds of others)did not lie to you about Hussein trying to build WMDs after all.

Did you see this?

I have been over the top on occasion when it comes to politics. But this idea should frighten even the most partisan Obamaites. If GW Bush had made this statement it would terrify the millions, and it should. I see visions of brown shirts, of neighbors informing on neighbors, kids reporting parents to the government. Who does Obama fear? What could happen that the military could not handle, or does he expect to order the military to actions it will not obey?

Please someone who understands the nuances of the Obama's campaign better than I explain this idea of a private army in more detail. What will be the command structure of this modern Praetorian Guard and what will be its mission? Why is it needed?

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