November 19, 2010

Random ramblings

I had the pleasure of taking to the friendly skies this week.  Alas, I was neither groped nor subjected to full body scanners on either leg of the trip. I always say a cheap thrill is better than no thrill. I do find one aspect of the TSA screening interesting. I have flown four times in the past two weeks.  Only one screener actually looked at me when checking my ID.  They made sure the name on the ID matched the ticket, but not once did they check to make sure my face matched the ID. What is the point?

There has been a lot of talk about earmarks in recent days. I believe it is important to limit Government spending where possible. But we should not take our eyes from the real goal -- shrinking Government at all levels.  We need to have serious discussions on not just cuts to Federal Programs, but eliminating them where possible. We cannot let a few bridges to nowhere get in the way of serious cuts to the Departments of Energy, Education and Defense. We need a serious discussion about raising the retirement age and trimming Medicare/Medicaid. And as an aside -- Dick Lugar your RINO days are numbered.

The wife's car is back in the shop.  She said it just died on the street last night.  It did it three times in four blocks this morning on her way to work.  She said it just dies, the dash goes black, the engine stops and before she can even come to a stop or put it in park, the engine starts again on its own! have you ever heard of such a crazy thing? I came and got her after it died the third time this morning and drove it to the shop, but it would not do it for me. Do any of you gear heads have any solutions?


Cappy said...

Could be an electrical system failure. If so, that is bad news.

Freddie said...

I know what you mean about them not looking to make sure you are who you say you are. My purse was stolen recently, and when I had my debit card replaced I learned that you can now just "wave" the card to use it. No signature, no verifying, no nothing.


Also, on the electrical thing. Maybe it's a dumb suggestion but you've made sure the connectors for the battery are making good contacts, right (no corrosion or anything like that)?

Ed Bonderenka said...

No earmarks! If they don't match your earmarks to your ID how will they know it's you?
As to the car, if you have a remote starter, it could be in that circuit. You can roll start an automatic transmission car over 20-30 mph, so that explains it starting up again. Heavy keyring in the ignition?

I flew in from Jax this week (boy are my arms..). Going out, I check my luggage with my pistol in it. Asked attendant if she was going to call TSA. No.
So after going through the metal scanner only, and almost to the gate, I get paged back. TSA wants the key to the gun. They look inside, lock it up, ive the keys back. No problem. Go back through security again. Twice as long, body scanner this time.
On the way back, got the naked scanner again.
I had missed a dime in my pocket so I got patted only in that pocket area. It was well done.
I just hate that we do this so stupidly without profiling.

Dan O. said...

I'm not an official gear-head, but it sounds like maybe a connector got knocked loose somewhere in the dash during the accident. Only a true gear-head would know where all those connectors would be. Good luck HB.

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