June 22, 2011

Hey! That is my money you are spending

We see it at the Federal level. The State is almost as bad.  The local level does it too. The Government likes to spend money. Did you buy a house in a valley? The city will help reduce your flooding problems. We will feed your kids breakfast and lunch. We have programs to protect your favorite toad or fish or bird. We have programs to promote the environment, education, Indian Affairs, roads, arts, radio, television.  The politicians of this fine nation love to spend money.

There should be a big sign posted in the office of every elected official, on the desk of every public employee. This slogan should be part of every Federal publication. It should be written on your food stamp/welfare debit card.

The funds for this project were taken from the taxpayers of this country.

The only way any level of government can do anything -- build a road, clean a ditch, provide economic development, buy a car company, provide medical care or free lunch to kids and seniors is by taking part of my hard-earned wages. Taxes are a necessary part of living within a society.  I get that.  But somehow when a politician gets elected he or she conveniently forgets each and every dollar he spends belonged to someone else.

When someone takes a buck from me and my neighbor to help the guy down the block there is a moral obligation to make sure that dollar is needed and spent wisely.

Most of us would not consider borrowing money from our kid's piggy bank except under the most dire and necessary circumstances. Our politicians have been robbing from our kids' and grandkids' bank account for years.

So, Mr. Mayor, Governor, Representative, Senator -- keep in mind that is MY money you are spending. You took from my family, my kids, my savings, my paycheck. Is it too much to occasionally remind yourself of that simple fact?

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