August 10, 2011


I am not the smartest guy in the world. Like Clint Eastwood said in Magnum Force "A man's got to know his limitations". I am not stupid either. I can tie my own shoes and carry on a basic conversation.

I was educated as a historian. History is a hobby, not my vocation. I do not believe history repeats itself, but I do believe we can learn valuable lessons from those who went before us. That said, I do not understand the modern liberal mindset. I am honestly, truly confused.

If you were to tell me the sky is green and the grass orange it would be no less disconcerting. At no time in history has the policy of big government spending and high taxes led to a prosperous society. Socialism has been a dismal failure everywhere it has been tried. High taxes do not lead to an improved economy. The Romans lost their empire when they decided it was more important to buy the populace bread and circuses instead of defense of the realm.

I truly do not understand how taking from one citizen by force his hard-earned wealth and giving it to another is a definition of fairness. History is rife with examples of the utter failure of the "each to his abilities, each to his needs" policy. We need look no further than the example of the Pilgrims early days in the New World. It took little time for the most productive to realize they were breaking their backs so the lazy could eat. One by one the productive entered the ranks of the non-productive.

Governments around the world are moving to austerity programs. The socialist model does not improve the lot of society, it leads to bankruptcy. Yet, the pundits and liberals decry efforts to cut spending.  They claim the Tea Party is destroying the economy. Wake up people, spending is out of control. Do you believe the path to prosperity in your own home is to rack up massive debt? That Cadillac may be a good deal, but not if you cannot make the payments.

It has been repeatedly shown in the last 100 years that lower taxes always increases economic activity and increases tax revenue. Each tax cut was followed by long-term economic activity. In the face of this evidence the modern progressive insists on higher spending and higher taxes.  I just  do not get it.

How can any sane person look at our current situation and insist we need to spend more.  Non-discretionary spending will consume 100% of revenue in a little over a decade. We must address Social Security and Medicaid. Raising the age for eligibility, means testing, and reform are essential. I know of no one who is opposed to a helping hand.  It is the handouts we resent.

I am serious. Can someone explain to me the liberal point of view in a way that makes sense? The logic escapes me.


Derfel Cadarn said...

You assume functioning braincells on the progressive side,it is blatantly obvious that that is inaccurate. Spending is out of control,not only discretionary,the military ,SS Medicare/aid are ALL rife with corruption and excess. It can no longer be business as usual ALL spending MUST be cut and should be done by equal percentage to be FAIR after it is for the children.

Greybeard said...

History doesn't repeat itself?
Wanta bet? Just watch.

(You and I are on exactly the same page.)

Dave said...

History does not literally repeat itself, but there are variations on a theme. See Tulip Mania, Dot Com boom and housing boom.

Ed Bonderenka said...

I cannot explain it.
It's a belief system.
They want to believe it and it appeals to them.
I've seen where they'll say, "I can't dispute what you say in my head, but I can't dispute what's in my heart."
Until they want something different they will keep drinking that kool-aid.

GUYK said...

where to start! I do agree with you of course. Some how the public has become convinced that there is a free lunch and congress keeps trying to provide it.

But it is not only the economy...take Afghanistan...if you can, no one since Genghis Khan has been able to including the Brits who lost some 10,000 men in Khyber pass. Why does NATO think the place can be pacified? Doesn't anyone know a damn thing about the history and clan politics of the country?

Socialism has of course worked in some primitive societies. And, some socialist policies are working fairly well in Canada where the economy is in fair shape. (But of course that is due to the massive oil and gas production of which the government gets a big share.

The main thing the Americans can't get through their heads is that congress will spend every dime they can get. I would not disagree with a tax hike provided it was coupled with an amendment requiring a 2/3 majority to increase spending above the prior years spending plus the inflation rate. And the inflation rate damn sure better be the one that the sumbitches use to increase social security.

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