September 2, 2011

Dear Republican Party

The first order of business Tuesday, when you return to work, should be to introduce a bill extending the payroll tax cuts.

If tax cuts spur the economy (they do) then you should move forward.

Take the wind out of The Obama's sail.  Do not let him bundle a good idea with a plethora of bad policies like more stimulus.

Make The Obama veto a tax cut or let him agree tax cuts are good for the economy and job growth. The American people get a win, the Republican Party gets a win.

Or you could just sit around and react. That has worked so well in the past.


Yabu (EOTIS) said...

We've gotta do something, and we need to do fast.

Rita said...

That was one "tax break" that I really didn't get. The break was negligible. I worked with people who were paid just above the average wage and they ended up with what? Maybe $5 a pay?

O has stated that you don't raise taxes during a recession, that was after he was for raising taxes and before he was for raising "revenue". Because we're too stupid to know what he means by revenue.

I felt like the payroll tax cut (if we're talking about the same one) was a political gimmick so he could say he lowered taxes. It couldn't stimulate the economy because it was so minimal no one noticed.

So why do you think extending the payroll tax cut would mean anything to anyone?

Not following this one. Maybe I'm reading it in German. ;)

Joe said...

It is meaningless, but the Dems are all over the issue and it is one of Zero's big gimmick job ideas. My idea is to beat him to the political punch, announce legislation before he does and make him look like the putz he is.

The alternative is to let Obama package the idea with a bunch of stimulus spending we cannot afford that does not help. When the Republicna refuse to vote for the package, he demagogues it as a refusal to help the "working poor" with a payroll tax break.

I sa ycut him off at the knees -- politically.

Dave said...

The payroll tax cut is the best idea President Obama has floated. I'm not so sure its worth it. A temporary tax cut isn't going to have much stimulative effect.

A better policy would be to do absolutely nothing. No Affordable Care Act, no Financial Reform Bill no new regulations. With this course of action, the economy will recover on its own faster than anything the politicians in Washington can do.

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