February 24, 2012

Drill for oil? Why would we do that?

We are living in Alice's Wonderland. The Obama vetoes the XL pipeline and blames the Republicans. Drilling for oil will increase our dependence on foreign oil sources ( as claimed by Debbie Dumb-ass) and increasing the domestic supply of oil will not help gas prices?

My gosh, The Obama is so powerful, not only can he visit 57 States (I guess only he can see the extra 7), he can lower the ocean levels, he alone can contradict the Laws of Supply and Demand. In The Obama world less is cheaper and more increases prices. The Obama can give stuff to all without any cost (a la ObamaCare).

The man is a walking talking god-like figure. I do not know why I have been blinded in the past. The foam columns reflecting Mt Olympus at the Democratic Party Convention should have clued me.

Damn you, economic teachers. To hell with the textbooks on macroeconomics.  My eyes have been blinded by false experience.  I have seen the light. My bitter clinging is all that is wrong with America...

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Rita said...

A couple years back I happened upon Zo's videos. He's a young black conservative that started making videos and was eventually brought onto pjtv (I believe).

His words on oil drilling and the effect on the ecomony were brilliant. As he said, the price of oil does not take years to come down once you announce you will be drilling your own oil.

The price comes down immediately because the supply of oil is actually about power and when the oil producing nations realize we might be serious about becoming independent, they drop the price immediately. They have figured out that only when America has had enough with the oil prices do we start becoming serious about drilling. Once the price comes down, the environmentalists can drown out the people complaining about prices.

CnC said...

During Obama’s campaign, one of his arguments against drilling our way out of foreign oil dependency was that it would take 10 years to receive any benefit from an increase of drilling. Funny, that’s what Clinton had said 15 years before. Even if Clinton had been telling the truth (which he seldom did) about the time lag, we would be 18 years into this policy of more drilling in ANWR, The Gulf and the Bakken oil fields and the world would be a much different place today.
These assholes don’t want us to drill our own oil, because they want to kiss the leftist environmentalist wacko’s ass. That’s only one reason. I could go own, but this is Joe’s blog and I feel a long ponderous rant coming on.

Joe said...

rant away, this place needs some fresh content.

Ed Bonderenka said...

You saved me having to post the same thing.
At least I didn't copy and paste .

CnC said...

hell I cant even spell! that should have read" I could go on," not "own", haha

Greybeard said...

"Obama says..."
Take it to the bank.

Dan O. said...

How is such an imbecile so arrogant and why are so many people enamored with is idiocy?

Oh yeah. He gives away free shit bought with "government" money which appears out of his ass.

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