February 24, 2012

Girding my loins for battle with the bureaucracy.

Taxes. Enough said.

Seriously doing taxes is not so bad these days. The online software walks one through the process in an almost idiot proof manner. Almost being the key word.

I did the Boy's taxes a few weeks ago.  1040EZ, easy peasy took about fifteen minutes.  No deductions, no problem.  He is a student.  The biggest issue was entering the three different W2's he got as ownership changed multiple times at the place he works. I put in the bank information for direct deposit for both the State and Federal refunds he has coming.

As I was finishing I asked him for his account number. he wrote it down and then I made him read it to me three times to make sure I entered it correctly.  He did not write down the routing number , so I sent him back to his checkbook to get it for me.  Again the repeat, repeat, repeat process. Click. send. Done.

I checked yesterday to see his refund status. The IRS said they deposited the funds last week.  The wife checked his balance (she is on the account). No deposit. After some deeper research we found the problem. You know where this is going already. He has TWO checking accounts.  He gave me the routing number from checking account 1 and the account number from checking account 2 (why he has two accounts is a long story by itself).

Good for me.  I get to spend the day trying to find out how to fix this error. The Wife and Boy went to both banks to see if the money was there or if they could trace it.  No dice. So the money will be sent back to the respective Governmental entities.  How to get it back to my son is the question.

Some days I wake up and think, "it is good to be me".  Then there is today...


Ralphd00d said...

This reminds me of one of my friends. He is still awaiting his refund from last year. He was doing the auto-deposit, but due to other bank issues, had IRS stop the wire, and issue a physical check to be mailed to him. As of this time, he still has not received it, though the IRS says they have cut the check and given a check #. He has McCain's (Senator)office involved trying to help him get the money now. Hope you don't have the same issues.

Fred said...

You have my sympathy. That stuff's NO fun.

Once my husband transposed two numbers on our daughter's SSN...

Joan of Argghh! said...

Ugh. I'm in the middle of the same thing.

Too bad we can't deduct for alcohol.

Jon Moore said...

Last year for the first time ever I took my taxes to a tax service and I'm talkin' about 40 plus years of doing it myself.
Guess what? It was worth every penny not to suffer the brain damage that results from trying to decipher the latest tax code. I was in and out in an hour. When I went back the following week to sign off, I cut them a check, cut the miserable bastards a check and was grateful I didn't piss away two days doing it myself.
Like working on vehicles in the winter outside, I'll never do it again if I don't have to.

Joe said...


I always let professionals do my taxes. Paying to do my son's 1040EZ and IT1040EZ ;I do not think so. He is a student, no deductions. Fill in the income and let the online program do the work. No issues.

Now the boy has learned a lesson in why you check and double check and then check again when entering bank information (or when giving it to me).

He will get his money eventually. The bank will reject the deposit (there is no combination of account/routing at either bank that matches what he provided). the IRS will get it back and cut a check.

Dave said...

I'd say next year make him do his own taxes. Offer him all the help he needs, just make him do them. (Yes, I know this probably mean more effort on your part than simply doing them.)

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