December 17, 2015

Poor baby

The Colts suck this year. Four months until baseball. I don't really care much about basketball at any level. Sigh. Read any good books lately? Neither have I. Are there still 37 people running for President?  Tap tap tap. Hello, is this thing working? Is anyone there? Are you as bored as I am?

Sitting in my hotel room the other evening I watched a heavy downpour slowly flood the parking lot. It was gray and cold and miserable. I was in one of my favorite places on Earth and I was sitting in a f-ing hotel room. It was too cold and wet and miserable to do much else.  I started a blog post listing some of the cool things I have done. The entry sat in the "draft" box for a couple of days before I deleted it. No one wants to read a list of "I have...". There is no way to make it interesting. Besides, most of my " this one time, at band camp" stories have previously been recounted here. There is a decade plus of archives over there in the right if you really want to revisit my adventures and travels.

My life is on cruise control these days. It seems I have no passion for anything. I'm bored and boring. It shows up here. Sorry 'bout that.


hey teacher... said...

Have you thought about becoming a substitute teacher in your spare time?

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...
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Joe said...

Ha Teach. I don't think my current employers would find that too amusing

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