December 18, 2015

The stars are brightly shining

Friday at last. It seems like a long week, I guess because of leaving on Sunday and traveling on the west coast. I can't believe Christmas is next week.  We are not even close to ready. The wife has never been this far behind on shopping and I've yet to start. I have no idea what to get her and she has offered nary a hint.

It is the Friday before Christmas so I will drop my favorite Christmas song for the Friday music selection.

I finally got an opportunity to watch the DVR recording of one of my favorite claymation Rankin and Bass productions from the 60s, The Little Drummer Boy last night. It brought back some good childhood memories.

The oldest boy, who has been a Star Wars nut his whole life, went to see the new flick last night. I'm waiting to hear his review later this morning.

Have a great day fellow Americans and earthlings everywhere.


Ed Bonderenka said...

You too, buddy.

hey teacher... said...

Great memories of watching claymation Carol of the Bells with my kids every year. It was from the California Raisins Claymation Christmas.

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