January 7, 2016

Reason #19 you wish you were me

There is snow on the ground on the west coast of Michigan. Thee is some in northern Indiana too. The roads are clear. Travel this week has been a major pain. It seems some nefarious character skimmed my company credit card numbers and tried to run up charges.  The bank caught it, but now I have to get my card replaced. Since I was on the road, the bank put a hold on the card until I get home. I have to call them before I charge anything and they open the account for just long enough for my charge to go through. What a pain. Not the bank, the asshole criminals are to blame. My road trip for next week looks to be cancelled or curtailed until a replacement card arrives. I suspect I can survive without a Hampton Inn breakfast.

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B said...

Next time yer passing through NWI, email me. I'll buy a beer.

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