October 1, 2016

Driving the Fast Lane on Nostalgia Highway

I am off to see the Cubbies take on the Reds down in the 'Natti today. It looks like we will get wet. I hope it holds off long enough to get some game in. There will be no make up. This contest has no bearing on the standings. The Northsiders are locked into the top seed in the National League. The Reds are riding out the last days before they can go home and rest. I am meeting up with a couple of college buddies. It should be a blast.

Time flies. I mentioned in passing a couple of times that we are in the midst of Birthday season here. It seems just yesterday my kids were little. Now they are all adults. I have no doubt my parents feel the same way about me, even though I have been an adult for nearly four decades.

What once was here is now gone. You should read here every day.

This is the day we brought the youngest home from the hospital circa 10/02/1993 and a much younger and fatter me. I am much happier than I appear.

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