September 8, 2016

Quick comments on the events of the day

HHS is bragging about he success of ObamaCare, citing the lowest rate of uninsured in...a long time. So what? It is no feat to claim success when failure to get insurance is against the law. Ultimately failure to get insured results in an IRS penalty. Failure to pay your taxes can get you in jail.  This braggadocio is akin to the city arguing that people are obeying a school zone speed limit when there is a cop sitting on each end. That is not success nor popularity. It is coercion by force.

Hillary gave a weepy CNN interview talking about how hard Bill Clinton's affair with Monica Lewinsky was. Poor Hillary. Wait a minute, I thought that whole thing was a "vast right wing  conspiracy"? You mean she lied to Americans? Why didn't anyone ask about that? Or  perhaps how hard things were for Paula Jones or Juanita Broddarick, or...even the sexually harassed aforementioned Monica Lewinsky? Maybe the feminist icon Hillary Clinton could comment on that?

The press is touting that Obama signed a climate change treaty while in China last week. How is it that a supposed Constitutional Law lecturer does not know that treaties can only be ratified by the Senate? How is it that no one in he media knows this?  One does not have to read very far in the Constitution to learn that under article II section 2.2, it says the Senate has to ratify all treaties. The President can sign all of the global warming treaties he wants, it is the same as if I signed them. Only the Senate can ratify a treaty. Even John Roberts couldn't confuse that one. Could he?

The backup quarterback for the 49ers has become the best selling jersey in the NFL. That stat says much about be state of things In America these days.


Anonymous said...

I count the days till Barrack Hussein Obama get out of the f**king presidential office. And if that bitch Hillary gets in, I think I will finally scream my lungs out. Obama has ruined healthcare in America. Unfortunately most people won't find this out till they get sick and actually NEED their healthcare.

America can not be run by these corrupt, career politicians anymore. America needs to be run by a business person. And again, unfortunately, unless you yourself are an experienced business person you will not 'get' the greatness of Donald Trump. It takes many ups and downs to be successful in business. It ain't easy. In business if you lie, cheat and steal, you wind up in prison. You most assuredly don't wind up successful for very long.

Thanks for your blog.

It's about time more and more of us speak up!!!

cheryl soergel said...

How about running for office. You make more sense then both candidates. Cheryl

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