October 28, 2016


The FBI is reopening the Hillary Email case. They already had plenty of proof the law was broken, will more violations make a difference?  Will 51 top secret emails instead of 50 tip the scale?

This is far more breaking wind than breaking news. Comey is trying to quell the rumbles in the rank and file. Too late, you have already shown the bureau is politicized.

Look, Clinton either set up the server to avoid FOIA laws, or she is incompetent. There is no door number 3. Either should disqualify her for office.

I am happy to take arguments to the contrary in the comments. Support your candidate, you Democrats.  Oh, and "but Trump" is not an argument.


Anonymous said...

She violated laws that have put military members out of the service, in jail and ruined lives. She knew what she was doing, she had a mandatory briefing every year on handling classified documents. The Clinton's have always shown that laws are for little people.

James Old Guy

Melissa said...

I believe there has to be something or they would ignore it for 11 days. Fingers crossed. NY Post is saying its Anthony Weiners phones.

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Story goes that she used to skip those briefings, mandatory or not.

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