January 15, 2017

Chuck that plan into the trash

It looks like I won't be running away to join the circus. Ringing Brothers is shutting it down. It is not like I was really going to try and join the circus anyway. Shoveling crap is pretty much my only circus-related skill. I have not been to a circus since I was a kid, so I do not have a nostalgic fascination with the big top either. Still, the circus is an iconic entertainment that will soon be gone from  our culture. Oh well, I am not a big fan of clowns anyway. If your skill is performing in a circus, where do you get another job when the circus closes down? There is not a big demand for high wire acts or sticking your head in a lion's mouth in corporate America.

The freezing rain that had the StormTeam/ScareTeam on high alert never materialized. We had rain, not a lot. It was more like a drizzle on and off. The temperatures hovered right around freezing, so the coating of ice mostly melted as soon as it formed. The weather lady is calling for a very warm week this week with temperatures pushing sixty. This is a crazy January. I don't mind telling you I am digging this global warming.

I was clearing away the supper dishes last night when I noticed he biggest yellow cat I have ever seen was looking at me through my patio door. Why he was there I don't know. He must have scaled the privacy fence. When I started towards the door he took off into the night. His presence may explain why I haven't seen the chipmunks running around in a while. I thought they were just hibernating.

I hope you have a great Sunday.


Ed Bonderenka said...

I wonder whether the removal of the elephant acts precipitated this.

Joe said...

The article I read stated that ticket sales have declined for years but really sank after the elephants were removed from the show. In a tangential way the lefties helped destroy another business

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