June 13, 2017

Oh, and some grits also

Good morning, fellow Earthlings. I had every intention of writing yesterday. It is not like I didn't have the opportunity. I got up at 5:00 AM. Then I got busy on work stuff and I don't know what else.  

So here we are this morning. I woke up a little after five again. The boy has to be at work by 5:30. I hear him banging around . I am sure I will get used to his stirring over the next few days and sleep just a bit longer.

Summer has arrived. We had the heat last week. The humidity finally showed up starting Sunday. I guess her flight was delayed. You know when the low is 75 you are in for some sweaty days. I sat out on the patio and listened to a few innings of baseball last evening after supper. There was just enough breeze to make it warm but pleasant. If I ever fall into a pile of money I would sure like to expand my patio. If I can get a few lucky breaks maybe I can score a good bonus this year. We shall see what is left after the bills are paid.

Ate you still awake?  I don't know about you, but I need some more coffee. I would like some ham and eggs (over easy) too. Unless you are going to bring me over some breakfast I will have to be satisfied with a cup of Joe.

Enjoy your day. I won't, because you selfishly refuse to fry me some ham. I'll take bacon. Sausage parties will work too. No? Did I ever mention that the title is the last thing I write when composing a post?


Ed Bonderenka said...

I always figured your titles were bot bait.

Joe said...


Mostly they are nonsense, song lyrics, or desperate collections of words

hey teacher... said...

Start making up words for your titles. That seems to grab people's attention.

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