August 20, 2017

Me too

My ancestor had to leave his home in Germany after the Hundred Years War.  There was no tolerance for his Protestant Theology in that part of the Rhineland.

Every single Catholic Church, statue of Mary, and picture of a saint reminds me of those terrible years. I want them all destroyed. St. Louis, you need to change your name. These are symbols of hate and oppression, they bring to mind the terrible witch burnings of Wurtzburg and the oppression, hatred, and scorn felt by my family. What about the thousands tortured by the Inquisition? Or the countless "godless heathens" forced to convert by the Catholic Spanish throughout South America?  I am certain that millions of Jews and Protestants whose ancestors fled Catholic Europe feel the same sense of oppressive hatred every time the see Notre Dame football or the Pope on TV.

Tear them all down.


Anonymous said...

Notre Dame football? Not so much. I am a little pissed because one of my ancestors lived in SC and didn't own slaves.

hey teacher... said...

Or you could just leave as has been suggested by many on Fox message boards to the Antifa people. Do I agree with the violence that parts of Antifa espouses , no, but I don't think public monuments of losers coming down is necessarily a bad thing. Put them on a museum setting where they can be contextualized.

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