November 25, 2017

silver bells

I got the lights and wreaths and garland and stuff put up outside yesterday. The wife helped. I don’t do the garland or spread the wreaths like she wants it done. I’m good with that. She makes them look nice. I just want them up. As usual, about 1/2 the lights failed to work. I did not have enough to put around the patio door or to do the trees in the back. I don’t think the backyard will get the holiday treatment this year. No one can see the backyard except us anyway.

I got the lights up around the roofline. We were wrapping garland around the porch rail when I glanced up to see two sections of the lights had quit working. I admit I said a couple of curse words. Luckily, I had a new box to use. Back went up the ladder.

The inside is done, so we are set for Christmas, decoration-wise. Decorations have sprung up around the neighborhood, it looks rather festive. Now we just have to get some presents to put under the tree.

Have a great Saturday.

What? Sure, I will post a holiday classic, since you asked:

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Anonymous said...

Will work on the Christmas stuff next week, not a fan of before Dec 1, but the boss wants it up early. Will be glad to see this year end. At least I don't have to put up with EOB anymore on this site.

James Old Guy

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