May 17, 2018

Participating in the Lightning Round

i made a quick trip to the Windy City yesterday. Up and back with a visit to the Home Office for my annual review sandwiched between the drives. I should rephrase. I made a quick trip up to the Northwest ‘burbs. It was a much slower return. That happens when you hit the road in the Greater Chicago area a little after 4 in the afternoon. The total trip north took me right at four hours in the morning. It took 2-1/2 hours just to reach Indiana in the afternoon.

I listened to the History on Fire podcast for much of the trip. I’m still way behind, I’m just getting through the Aztec episodes. I switched over to the Cubs -Braves game when it came on.

Nothing interesting happened unless you count the evil rental car trying to kill me. I stopped for a quick pee break at the middle-of-nowhere rest stop near Remington. As I climbed back into the car a gust of wind pushed the door shut on my arm, leaving ripped skin and a bloody gash on my left forearm. What is up with my old man paper skin these days?

Yesterday was a 13 plus hour day. Not so hard when you consider more than nine hours was windshield time. I was glad to get some minor on the road hours. Still, I can’t help but think a conference call or Skype review would have been a better use of everyone’s time and money.

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