May 15, 2019

I intended to post a video, instead you get words

I have a few minutes before I head off to the office. A chilly morning will blossom later into a nice spring day. It will be enticingly on display out the floor to ceiling wall of windows just feet from my desk. Even warmer weather, and rain, are expected in the days to come.

I cut the lawn after work last evening. That, coupled with the fact that everything is in bloom outside, means allergies are kicking my butt this morning. The lilac bushes are starting to bloom. The smaller one by the gate is already in full flower. The whiff of lilacs slams you before you even open the gate. The two giant ones by the patio will be in flower by the weekend.

I guess Trump will have to pull an Obama and ship a few hundred million bucks or the Iranians will start misbehaving again. Somehow I don't think this President will play that old game. Somehow I also don't think he will be like Obama and apologize to the Mullahs if they attack one of our ships.

How 'bout those Cubs?

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